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Earth to Pastor Jones. Come in please.

April 3rd. 2011

I posted the blog below six months ago. I guess it took his ego that long to realize that no one was paying attention to him. Well, we are paying attention now – that it’s too late

September 8th, 2010

You really do have to wonder sometimes…

Okay, so what have we got?  Well, we got a bunch of folks upset about the mosque being built at ground zero ‘cept it ain’t a mosque and it’s two blocks from ground zero. We got a bunch of folks called Republicans who want to extend tax cuts for the richest 2% of the population but can’t seem to give the same consideration to the middle class …..and then we got Pastor Jones.

That’s right. That Pastor Jones. The crazy Pastor with a congregation of fifty who decided he would put the fuse to the religious intolerance bomb and see what would happen. He’s gonna burn the Koran. He’s gonna burn the Koran knowing that it will set off a firestorm of protest and make the crazies out there even crazier. He’s gonna burn the Koran even though he knows its gonna make Americans everywhere a target for violence.

Why? Why would he do it?  I guess it’s only guess-work from here on in ’cause we’re dealing with a level of recklessness that goes beyond reason, but here goes; he’s a narcissist. And in his so-called ‘Christian’ dreams he prayed that the media would take the bait and cover this atrocity instead of doing the right and proper thing and ignoring him. And , sure enough, we did. So now  we have put ourselves in this really awkward position. We have freedom of speech, ( even if it means having to stomach these characters), but we also have the right as a society to protect ourselves against antisocial whack jobs who want to be known for helping to bring about Armageddon. And make no mistake about it – this stunt is going to cost lives. People will die because of this. So, knowing that, how can we allow this guy to go through with it? How can we sit back and just hope and pray he changes his mind? We know he is not going to change his mind – not when he’s finally getting the attention he feels he has deserved all along.He feels that his fifteen minutes is worth it. So can’t we arrest this guy under ‘incitement to terrorism’ or something? Shouldn’t we stop him? If we lost our minds and were going to do something like this wouldn’t we want to be stopped? What are we going to say to ourselves when people start dying and we could have done something to prevent it? What will we say?


Liars, Damned Liars & the Statistically Challenged.

February 24, 2010

I was going to call this post,‘ Reframing the Debate’ or ‘The New Lie’ but then I read a post by Tony Blankley that made me realize that all the arguments I needed to make that the Republicans are trying to obfuscate reality were contained in his post. Oh it’s got everything folks; outright lies, the wholesale rewriting of history, misdirection, avoidance of reality, demagoguery and finally, ( and a right-wing rant isn’t really complete without this), insults.

So let’s go through it, shall we? Oh, come on. It’ll be fun!


‘In fact, as many have observed recently, our government is working just fine — blocking the enactment of unpopular laws by a government that is out of step with the people.’

One can only assume that the above statement is referring to the Health Care Bill. And, if the latest polling data is accurate, the public is very clear that they do not want the current bill passed. Very well. But what Mr. Blankley inexplicably fails to point out is the reason why the public isn’t in favor of the current bill. Don’t forget, a year ago the majority of the public was in favor of Health Care Reform but after a year of Republican obstructionism and Democratic compromises the current bill looks nothing like the original one. It’s too unwieldy and complicated. No one can tout enough benefits of the bill to make it look attractive and  it lacks the one component that a majority of Americans wanted then and still want now – a public option.

But, actually, it isn’t inexplicable at all why Mr. Blankley failed to point out the crucial underlying point of the latest poll and that brings us to the next talking point –


What I find fascinating about the current strategy of the Republican Party is how they can take what is an essentially lazy position, (lets say no to everything and not offer any concrete proposals of our own), and sell this sloth as ‘working for the American people’. I mean, think about this; for a year now they have done no actual work of their own,- nothing that they were elected to do. Yet they are collecting their salaries, ( which we fund through our taxes), have more perks than us average Joes could ever dream of (including great Health Care), and have the utter temerity to brag about their obstructionism and lament they couldn’t do more to dismantle the very fabric of our society – witness this gem from Mr. Blankley as he recalls with fondness his glory , (or is that ‘gory’?), years with Ronald Reagan.
‘I recall feeling both times that government was broken — the filibuster was blocking our majority rule — because we couldn’t get “vital” legislation enacted. (In fact, both times I was involved, inter alia, in the failed effort to close down the Department of Education, saving only its essential student loan functions.) We overreached. We got a lot done, but only that with which the public was comfortable with.’

What? What was that? Closing down the Board of Education? Really? Is he actually trying to equate Republicans filibustering a National Health Care bill which would save people’s lives with the Democrats filibustering a bill which would do away with THE BOARD OF EDUCATION?

Lets move on to: “How to rewrite History

Rule One: Say something outrageous such as;  ‘Although I and most Americans (at least outside the South) think Abraham Lincoln acted wisely and saved the republic — and we returned to more or less constitutional government in 1865 — it cannot be denied that America got its first real, sustained taste of authoritarian government under Lincoln.’

Rule Two: Never explain your reasoning on Rule One. Now quickly move on to insult someone;  ‘Other administrations, including Jimmy Carter’s, complained that government was broken because they generally were incompetent to lead.’

I suppose that those two statements don’t really need explaining as they come from a Reaganite. But please everybody try to remember. Reagan really wasn’t that great -(Iran/Contra) and Jimmy Carter really wasn’t that bad, -(Clean Water Act). But if we let them Republicans will continue to tell lies loud enough and long enough till our brains feel like they are being pushed through oatmeal. 

Really I suppose I should be thanking Mr. Blankley. Usually it takes a lot of trolling the web to find enough disparate stories to make such a broad point as this blog post. But Mr. Blankley is truly ‘one stop shopping’.

Can’t wait till his next one.

So It’s Come To This.

February 21, 2010

You really do have to wonder sometimes…

Lets talk health care. Why not? It seems like we’ve come full circle in the last little while. We started out a year ago with the Democrats putting together a bill which would fix the wretched state of affairs in our country and finally provide basic protection for every citizen.

And then the fun began.

The Republicans implemented their plan. Their plan was a simple one predicated upon the accurate perception that their base was apoplectic over the election of a black man to the Presidency and the loss of power in Congress. The Sky Was Falling! Worse than that, their corporate masters were hauling them on the carpet for losing the election.  So what was their plan? Come on everybody say it with me …”NO”!   ‘No’ to everything. No to bail outs, ( even though they started it when their puppet Bush was in the White House), no to Stimulus, ( even though the tax cuts contained in the bill was a page torn out their very own conservative playbook), – No to health care reform, No to civil trials for suspected terrorists, No to government oversight of shoddy (if not criminal) banking practices, NO. No. No. NO. NO!

Now I know that politics in America has always been a blood sport. And, God help me, I love it. But this last year of Republican obstructionism is unprecedented. No, that’s not hyperbole. It has literally never happened before that an entire sitting party in Congress has voted lockstep against every single thing that the Democrats have put forward without any attempt at compromise or offering alternate proposals. And this would be bad enough – but it gets worse. Now, because these treasonous politicians (well, how would you describe a bunch of people who want their government to fail?) – because these treasonous politicians have riled up the worst passions of their base there is a very real danger of violence breaking out. Don’t think it could happen? Let us remind ourselves of the uncomfortable fact that fully 40% of all the Presidents we’ve had over the last 234 years have had attempts made on their very lives. And some, tragically, have been successful. And it wasn’t all that long ago that peaceful protests in the streets for basic equality were met with tear gas and water cannons – if not worse. And now we have enraged citizens actually carrying weapons to their Tea Party Rallies. And their Representatives in Congress, far from decrying such inherently reckless behavior, are actually encouraging it!

What do we do? What do we do when we know what’s coming? We know that the Democrats are waking up to the fact that they had better stop letting the Republicans run over them and actually govern. They are going to start with the Health Care Bill. We know that the Republicans will throw screaming fits and use it as an excuse to turn the volume of vitriol up even further. We know that there is a Health summit coming this Thursday that they have no intention of attending or at the very least making a mockery of it by attending for a minute and then leaving in dramatic protest. We know lots of stuff.

Except how to get people to see reason. Because it’s not just politics anymore. It has gone too far now. Now its one step away from people getting actually hurt and violence escalating out of control. So a message to all the Tea Partyers out there from a lilly livered die-hard liberal lefty. You are being lied to. And you won’t see your conservative heroes taking any blame for inciting you to riot. On the contrary, the only logical way to look at their behavior is that violence is precisely what they want. They see your outrage as a logical stepping stone to power. They don’t care about you.  They don’t care if you die in the streets either through a misguided ideology-

or lack of basic Health Care.

Have We Changed?

steve_kleur3 May 10th, 2009

It’s odd.

I’ve noticed something over the past few weeks. Perhaps you have too. There seems to be a sea change in the way in which our media covers politics. I’m not talking about format but rather a change in attitude on the part of reporters. News outlets don’t seem to be taking Republican talking points as soothe anymore. In fact, not only are they taking the propaganda with a grain of salt, they seem to be actively investigating and sometimes refuting what is being offered for public consumption by the spin doctors. This is a marked change from the last eight years where it seemed that the major news networks were nothing more than free soapboxes for the administration.

And it isn’t all a one way street for the Democrats either. They too are being called on questionable policy – sometimes by their most staunch supporters. Witness how the Huffington Post is going after the Obama administration for their bank bail out policies. I hesitate to get too optimistic too early in the game but it’s almost as if journalists have suddenly remembered who they are – objective reporters of the events of the day instead of merely shills for the government.

So, what has changed? Well, again, I don’t want to jump the gun here but maybe, just maybe, we have?

Historically, we Americans,  (and Canadians for that matter), are too soon to forget the egregious excesses and abuses of our government. We want to forget about things that make us uncomfortable with our self image of being the good guys on the world stage. But we really have been put through the ringer of late, haven’t we? We have endured and been complicit in;  phony wars, spying on our own people in outright contradiction of our own Constitution, and, most heinous of all, torture. Maybe our collective conscious can’t handle the guilt anymore? Maybe that’s why we are being so vigilant with our elected officials these days.

And how do we feel? Don’t we feel a sense of relief? Aren’t we more optimistic these days? It’s kind of like when you’re driving around lost for hours and then find the right road. You’re not at your destination yet but you know, finally, that you are eventually going to get there.

So, maybe we have changed.  I for one, would like to think so.

Blue Dogs.

steve_kleur3April 4, 2009

You really do have to wonder sometimes…

Here we are barely 80 days into a new Democratic administration after years in the political wilderness and we’ve already got dissension in the ranks. I’m talking about this new coalition of Democratic Senators who are trying to make political hay by questioning the new President’s agenda. What are they thinking? They finally win the White House and all they can do is whine and worry that President Obama’s policies aren’t fiscally conservative enough? So, I guess by difference they were happy with the old administration’s fiscal policies? Bush ran up record deficits and didn’t even bother to find out what was happening to the economy. Everyone, every single one of the appointees , from the Fed. chair on down, dropped the fiscal ball but these Senators are now all of the sudden worried about the new guy? Please. There is obviously something else at work here.

These elected officials are commonly known as “Blue Dogs”. Basically this term is used to describe a Democrat who thinks and votes like a Republican. And, if history is any indication, they are usually from the Southern states where they would elect a ‘Yellow Dog” before they would elect a Republican. (This is a throwback to the Civil War days when being a Republican was tantamount to treason against your country. Or, at least, the new country you were trying to create by seceding from the union.) In Ronald Reagan’s time they formed a group bizarrely named “Democrats for Reagan.”

I think the Party Whip ought to remind these Senators that you “dance with the one that brung ya” and that the Civil War has been over for 144 years.  You can’t have it both ways. Either get on board with the new commander in chief’s policies and stop whining or else declare yourselves unfit for public service and go where all self serving politicians go – the Republican Party.

President Obama has inherited enough problems without having to persuade members of his own party which way to vote on policy. Dontcha think?

First One Hundred Days…..


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Feb. 14/09

Hello and welcome to:’ Transplanted American!’

This brand new blog is dedicated to all those people who have a passion for American politics. (Or any politics for that matter.)

I welcome all comments, rants, discourse and political theory.

Ready to get your blood boiling? Let’s start with a letter…

Dear Mr. President,

The Elephant in the room…

The Republicans are not voting against the Stimulus Package. They knew you could peel off enough vulnerable Republican Senators from those States you won in the general election to get it passed. No, they have already begun to draw up battle plans around the Health Care fight.

So here’s how this goes;

  1. You keep the Housing bill separate from anything else – it passes just the same way, ( and with just the same kind of partisan wrangling), as the Stimulus bill.
  2. In 2010, with targeted and elegantly written prose, you counter every single campaign attack in those Senate races that you know you can win.
  3. You get the 60 seats required in the Senate.
  4. You pass the Health Care bill.

Things required;

1) Party Discipline. Tear a page out of the Republican handbook and vote lock step in the House. They developed this strategy from knowing what it takes for a Minority Party to get even a dogcatcher elected. So, no strange ‘Democrats for Reagan’ nonsense. Your coattails will still be long enough in 2010 to keep the Southern Congressmen in line.

2) Continue with your Web 2.0 presence. It is here to stay – this is how we communicate now. There are an awful lot of 17 yr. olds out there who can’t wait to vote thanks to your campaign.

3) Get yourself a Rush Limbaugh. The Democrats are sorely lacking in this department. We just don’t have the consistent hatred in our hearts that he naturally eschews. But a ‘daily morning drive’ radio message is necessary to impassion the base. All you have to do is pick someone who can counter every Republican talking point with an inspired speaking of the truth. ( This should be easy enough – but you need someone with personality and a sense of humor or it will fall flat.)

Yours Truly,

Steve MacGregor