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Don’t Feed The Beast.

April 23rd, 2010

Remember those signs outside the zoo cages? – ‘Please Don’t Feed the Beast’  I was reminded of those signs the other night when I watched yet another crazy Birther try to defend his position to yet another incredulous reporter. We on the Liberal left never seem to get tired of pointing out lunacy to lunatics. But I think we are making a huge political mistake.  When faced with loony toon antics from the right we should, of course, publicly point out the idiocy but then we should just back off. Let me give you an example; ‘Sarah Palin for President’. For some reason we are trying to stop her campaign. We keep pointing out the obvious – she’s unqualified. You know what we should be doing? We should be encouraging her. We should give money to her campaign. We should sport, ‘Run, Sarah, Run!’ bumper stickers. Folks, this is just good ol’ Politics 101. We want our guy to win and I, personally, would pay money to see the train wreck that would be the nationally televised debate.

How about Arizona these days? ( Maybe it’s the water) Arizona has apparently lost its mind. Whether its Birthers in the Legislature or insane immigration bills, Arizona has something for everyone. So what do we do? We try to wreck it by sending in one of our best guys, (Anderson Cooper), to expose these Wack Jobs. But think about this – where’s the downside? If the Immigration Bill passes, ( oops. Blog not posted quick enough), then Arizona and its so-called public servants are exposed to much deserved ridicule – they lose the next election and we win. And if they pass the Birther Bill then they get by-passed in the general election come 2012 and EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY WINS.

So, yeah, there is a reason for those zoo signs. Fighting lunacy is akin to feeding animals – it only encourages them and we have to keep our eyes on the prize. And besides, we are never going to win their hearts and minds anyway so don’t lets waste our energy.


Have We Changed?

steve_kleur3 May 10th, 2009

It’s odd.

I’ve noticed something over the past few weeks. Perhaps you have too. There seems to be a sea change in the way in which our media covers politics. I’m not talking about format but rather a change in attitude on the part of reporters. News outlets don’t seem to be taking Republican talking points as soothe anymore. In fact, not only are they taking the propaganda with a grain of salt, they seem to be actively investigating and sometimes refuting what is being offered for public consumption by the spin doctors. This is a marked change from the last eight years where it seemed that the major news networks were nothing more than free soapboxes for the administration.

And it isn’t all a one way street for the Democrats either. They too are being called on questionable policy – sometimes by their most staunch supporters. Witness how the Huffington Post is going after the Obama administration for their bank bail out policies. I hesitate to get too optimistic too early in the game but it’s almost as if journalists have suddenly remembered who they are – objective reporters of the events of the day instead of merely shills for the government.

So, what has changed? Well, again, I don’t want to jump the gun here but maybe, just maybe, we have?

Historically, we Americans,  (and Canadians for that matter), are too soon to forget the egregious excesses and abuses of our government. We want to forget about things that make us uncomfortable with our self image of being the good guys on the world stage. But we really have been put through the ringer of late, haven’t we? We have endured and been complicit in;  phony wars, spying on our own people in outright contradiction of our own Constitution, and, most heinous of all, torture. Maybe our collective conscious can’t handle the guilt anymore? Maybe that’s why we are being so vigilant with our elected officials these days.

And how do we feel? Don’t we feel a sense of relief? Aren’t we more optimistic these days? It’s kind of like when you’re driving around lost for hours and then find the right road. You’re not at your destination yet but you know, finally, that you are eventually going to get there.

So, maybe we have changed.  I for one, would like to think so.