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Earth to Pastor Jones. Come in please.

April 3rd. 2011

I posted the blog below six months ago. I guess it took his ego that long to realize that no one was paying attention to him. Well, we are paying attention now – that it’s too late

September 8th, 2010

You really do have to wonder sometimes…

Okay, so what have we got?  Well, we got a bunch of folks upset about the mosque being built at ground zero ‘cept it ain’t a mosque and it’s two blocks from ground zero. We got a bunch of folks called Republicans who want to extend tax cuts for the richest 2% of the population but can’t seem to give the same consideration to the middle class …..and then we got Pastor Jones.

That’s right. That Pastor Jones. The crazy Pastor with a congregation of fifty who decided he would put the fuse to the religious intolerance bomb and see what would happen. He’s gonna burn the Koran. He’s gonna burn the Koran knowing that it will set off a firestorm of protest and make the crazies out there even crazier. He’s gonna burn the Koran even though he knows its gonna make Americans everywhere a target for violence.

Why? Why would he do it?  I guess it’s only guess-work from here on in ’cause we’re dealing with a level of recklessness that goes beyond reason, but here goes; he’s a narcissist. And in his so-called ‘Christian’ dreams he prayed that the media would take the bait and cover this atrocity instead of doing the right and proper thing and ignoring him. And , sure enough, we did. So now  we have put ourselves in this really awkward position. We have freedom of speech, ( even if it means having to stomach these characters), but we also have the right as a society to protect ourselves against antisocial whack jobs who want to be known for helping to bring about Armageddon. And make no mistake about it – this stunt is going to cost lives. People will die because of this. So, knowing that, how can we allow this guy to go through with it? How can we sit back and just hope and pray he changes his mind? We know he is not going to change his mind – not when he’s finally getting the attention he feels he has deserved all along.He feels that his fifteen minutes is worth it. So can’t we arrest this guy under ‘incitement to terrorism’ or something? Shouldn’t we stop him? If we lost our minds and were going to do something like this wouldn’t we want to be stopped? What are we going to say to ourselves when people start dying and we could have done something to prevent it? What will we say?