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Weep For The Turtles.

May 3rd, 2010

Remember the movie, ‘Jurassic Park’? One of my favorite lines in the movie went something like; ‘ Here we have two species, Man and Dinosaur, separated by 65 million years of evolution – who knows what can happen?’ And then of course mayhem ensued. I would like to submit for your consideration that we have our very own Jurassic era mayhem playing out before our very eyes right now. I’m speaking of course about the oil spill in the Gulf.

Now there’s lots of blame to go around and there will be more revelations of criminal neglect and boardroom shenanigans in the future but I don’t care so much about that right now. I care about the turtles. That’s right – the Turtles.

Usually I’m not sentimental about such things except I saw a picture of a dead turtle washed up on a Gulf beach and it kinda got to me. It was trying to get to its nesting grounds you see – to lay eggs or mate or whatever it is that turtles do in the spring and it had to swim through the oil slick and couldn’t handle it and died. And that got me thinking. I mean here is a species that was actually around during the Jurassic era and survived when the Dinosaurs couldn’t. It was around when all those eons of plant life were layed down and compressed into oil. It was around when those oil pools were covered in sediment and safely stored away – until we got here. How could it know that we would unleash in 150 years what took Mother Nature all that time to lay down? How could it know? It’s just an animal after all. It knows instinct and migration and the endless cycle of life. Except we changed all that.

We are just like those turtles – we can’t live in the Holocene period with elements of the Jurassic period intruding into our lives – it isn’t natural and what’s happening to the turtles is just another example of what happens when we try. Oil, gas, coal –  this is all Jurassic stuff. It doesn’t belong in our era. Oh, it’s been useful. It’s the lubricant of industry and we can’t imagine how we would have gotten this far without it. But we are now tallying the costs – to the planet and to ourselves. I submit that those costs are too high and that the time has come to employ that singularly human characteristic – imagination and get those futuristic solar arrays into space and beam down some cleaner energy. We know that private industry is working on it but we also know that when we really want things done fast we get the government involved. Whether its railroads or highways or WW navies and planes, we can really build fast when we have to. I think we have to.

So, lets clean up the latest oil spill, remember where we parked our electric cars, and get the heck out of Jurassic Park.