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Don’t Feed The Beast.

April 23rd, 2010

Remember those signs outside the zoo cages? – ‘Please Don’t Feed the Beast’  I was reminded of those signs the other night when I watched yet another crazy Birther try to defend his position to yet another incredulous reporter. We on the Liberal left never seem to get tired of pointing out lunacy to lunatics. But I think we are making a huge political mistake.  When faced with loony toon antics from the right we should, of course, publicly point out the idiocy but then we should just back off. Let me give you an example; ‘Sarah Palin for President’. For some reason we are trying to stop her campaign. We keep pointing out the obvious – she’s unqualified. You know what we should be doing? We should be encouraging her. We should give money to her campaign. We should sport, ‘Run, Sarah, Run!’ bumper stickers. Folks, this is just good ol’ Politics 101. We want our guy to win and I, personally, would pay money to see the train wreck that would be the nationally televised debate.

How about Arizona these days? ( Maybe it’s the water) Arizona has apparently lost its mind. Whether its Birthers in the Legislature or insane immigration bills, Arizona has something for everyone. So what do we do? We try to wreck it by sending in one of our best guys, (Anderson Cooper), to expose these Wack Jobs. But think about this – where’s the downside? If the Immigration Bill passes, ( oops. Blog not posted quick enough), then Arizona and its so-called public servants are exposed to much deserved ridicule – they lose the next election and we win. And if they pass the Birther Bill then they get by-passed in the general election come 2012 and EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY WINS.

So, yeah, there is a reason for those zoo signs. Fighting lunacy is akin to feeding animals – it only encourages them and we have to keep our eyes on the prize. And besides, we are never going to win their hearts and minds anyway so don’t lets waste our energy.


The Birthers’ End Game.

Steve_kleur(2) July 27th, 2009

You really do have to wonder sometimes…..

Lets talk racism. Why not? It seems that even after long strides toward realizing the underlying tenets of our Constitution we still have a long way to go. The last week has seen two very bizarre stories dominating the news cycles which illustrate this point beautifully – Henry Gates and The Birthers.

By now everyone knows both stories so I won’t go into too much detail here but suffice to say that the media has been caught up in the blatantly  absurd story of the Black man arrested in HIS OWN HOUSE, and of the crazies who think that Elvis is still alive…oh, sorry,… that the President of the United States is an ILLEGAL ALIEN.

One sometimes doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

And the strangest part of the whole sad, sorry week came at the end of the President’s press conference on Health Care. When asked the question of what he thought about the stupid arrest of the Harvard Professor IN HIS OWN HOUSE, the President called it, well, “stupid“. And we all sat back and watched the ensuing political firestorm and never once noticed the irony that while we once decried the deception of the former President, we now decry the honesty of the current one. That’s politics I guess.

And that brings us to the Birthers. Yes, those crazies who could have been comfortably ignored if not for the peskiness of some congressman (and one Senator!), who are actually trying to introduce legislation requiring all future candidates to produce proof of citizenship before being eligible to run for President. The mind reels…

So, why do it? Take for granted the following; the elected officials in question are all Republican, the fringe element of their party egging them on are all racists and the legislation in question is going to die a very ugly, very deserving death anyway. So, again. Why do it? Because kids, the end game here is to make sure that the death of this bill is very public indeed. Everyone who votes against the bill will be vilified by this very sick, very vocal political base, the President’s agenda will, at the very least, be delayed if not downright hijacked by the media whirlwind and, (my personal favorite), white, racist congressmen and women get to justify what they have done to their own President and country without once having to refer to the color of his skin. I can hear the platitudes dripping from the mouths of the crestfallen Congressmen now;  ” I don’t understand why this bill was defeated! We were just trying to protect the Constitution, that’s all!”

The script practically writes itself doesn’t it? And , as much fun as it was to watch Chris Mathews completely eviscerate these guys, (and it was a beautiful thing to watch), this debate only underscores the crying need for us to take one more step toward the equality that the above mentioned Constitution envisions for us all.

So, yeah. Still a long way to go…