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Health Care?

Dec 23, 2009

So, we’re about to pass Health Care? I suppose we should be grateful that there is some form of a bill that will help some people. But here’s the thing – it isn’t what we wanted. You know – what ” We the people “wanted. We wanted cheap, universal health care that is , well, universal. Not for some of the poor people but all of them.

We wanted to have an alternative to Health Insurance companies.

We wanted a public option. It would cost the country less and provide more. Simple, no?

We know all the spin that is coming about how good this bill is. About how it’s going to force insurance companies to cover us even if we have a pre-existing condition. How the government is going to help us with the payments if we can’t afford them, etc, etc.

But here’s the thing; we don’t believe it. We don’t the believe that just because it’s in the bill that the Insurance companies are going to comply. We don’t believe that prices will come down just because we can shop around.  We don’t believe the government really believes the spin either. Otherwise that puts us in the position of having a woefully naive executive branch.

The Insurance companies are out to make money and this is the perfect opportunity for them to do so. On the announcement that the bill was even close to being signed their stocks went up 10%.

We want our government to do the moral thing and fight for us. Kill this bill tonight and re-introduce a public option because it is the right thing to do. Now is not the time to go by half measures.

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