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I was Wrong.

Steve_kleur(2) November 8th, 2009

I read a lot of Blogs. It’s become an obsession really. I love to write’em and I love to read’em. It’s an ego thing. Us political bloggers love to be able to look into our crystal balls and predict what’s gonna happen next. We love to display our incredible writing skills for all the electronic world to see and we all harbor a fantasy that someday we’ll write something that is so brilliant that everyone will want to read it and we will finally get the accolades that we so richly deserve. But the funny thing about political blogging is that one is often proved wrong. I have written about 10 blogs now and , while my political insights have been uniformly unique, fun, funny and devastatingly intelligent; I have been wrong most of the time!

‘What?! Whataya mean? ( This is me talking to myself. Bloggers do that a lot.) He actually accepted the Nobel Prize?¬† I thought he would reject it! The Democrats¬† tried to pass health care this year? I told them to wait! What????!!!! They actually passed Health Care in the House last night? What the hell is going on?’

Well, as difficult as this is to admit, I think that what is going on is that while I have been busy wittily showing off my profound political intellect, President Obama has been busy writing History. This is the problem with trying to advise people smarter than you are.

So yeah, The House passed a bill that still has to go through Senate machinations before Our President can sign it into law. And yeah, the rhetoric from the Republicans will become increasingly shrill and insane. (See how cleverly I inserted that prognostication?) But now I hesitate to advise President Obama on how to play it ’cause I keep looking stupid.

President Barack Hussein Obama – still the smartest guy in the room.

Now, Mr. President, what shall we talk about? Oh yes; Afghanistan…..