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Dick Cheney is torturing us.

steve_kleur3 -May 14, 2009

“You really do have to wonder sometimes…”

Let’s talk torture.
Why not? It’s what the majority of political bloggers are buzzing about. Today alone The Huffington Post has about six blogs on the subject. And why are we talking torture 24/7 these days? Because Dick Cheney won’t stop talking about it, that’s why.

Now, the fact that Dick Cheney won’t go quietly into the night should surprise no one. He is scared that he is going to be prosecuted in his own country for authorizing torture so he doesn’t care how he obfuscates the truth or by what twisted logic he frames the debate on the subject – as long as he turns it from the blindingly obvious fact that torture is immoral, ineffectual and, (Mr. Cheney’s main concern), illegal in America. Everyone knows it and there is no defending it. That is why he must redefine the debate.

But that isn’t what bothers me. The Dick Cheneys of this world are all too plentiful and, to a man, boring cardboard cutouts of each other. No, what bothers me is the willingness on the part of the networks in giving him a soapbox to shout from. No, I’m not advocating censorship here. There is always Fox news and their ilk if he wants to make some talk show rounds. Besides, no one can really argue that Fox News even remotely passes for journalism anyway. But serious networks, (or networks that want to be taken seriously), ought to at least try to uphold some semblance of journalistic standards – standards that should include some discernment of the part of the editorial board.  And I humbly submit that inviting Mr. Cheney on their respective programs does nothing to inform or enlighten the public that they profess to serve.

Mr. Cheney ought to be shut out of this discussion. He has nothing constructive to offer and certainly his credibility has, by now, been stretched past it limits. He does not even have the decency to honor the unspoken rule that members of former administrations don’t throw tomatoes from the gallery at members of current administrations. Deriding the current President, (who has done nothing deserving of scorn except having the misfortune of inheriting Mr. Cheney’s mess), shows a complete lack of class on the part of the former Vice President.

But then, that shouldn’t surprise anyone either.

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  kcebnelg wrote @

Actually, somebody may want to ask Bill Clinton about torture. Under his watch, Demi Moore was waterboarded in the movie GI Jane for the sake of entertaining the masses. Why was Clinton allowing a woman with no terrorist ties to be waterboarded for a movie? Maybe you think it was “faked” for a movie, but it sure looked like the real thing. Apparently, America has no problem watching the water boarding of a woman for entertainment.

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