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C.I.A – or Keystone Cops?

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March 4, 2009

I just read an article in The Washington Post by Carrie Johnson and Joby Warrick entitled, “C.I.A Destroyed 92 Interrogation Tapes, Probe Says”.

Turns out that even though the A.C.L.U had obtained a court order demanding the C.I.A turn over all materials relating to harsh interrogation tactics in 2004, the C.I.A went ahead and destroyed any incriminating evidence in 2005.

” If anyone thinks it’s agency policy to impede the enforcement of American law, they simply don’t know the facts”. ( C.I.A Spokesman, George Little)

Hey George! I got news for you. That’s exactly what we think. You may be thinking that a good defense is a strong offense but you have to admit that the C.I.A’s credibility has been stretched beyond the limit in the last 8 years or so. Wasn’t it your agency who told us that there were W.M.D.s in Iraq?  Wasn’t it your Agency that talked about Yellow Cake Uranium? You guys are beginning to look like the Keystone Cops – except they were comical. Maybe I should say, ‘ like the Keystone Cops with Waterboards’?

How many people have died in Iraq, George? How much suffering? Oh yeah, I forgot. You guys don’t keep records of civilian casualties. How about our soldiers? How about their suffering? It seems you don’t like to keep records of anything around too long.

But don’t feel that you’re alone. We have our own version of Keystone Cops up here in Canada. They are called the R.C.M.P. Even as I write this, four R.C.M.P officers are testifying as to why they tasered a man to death in Vancouver’s airport. One officer, by way of defense, said that he, ‘feared for his safety’. That’s not a bad story but unfortunately a tourist videoed the four officers standing over a writhing, screaming man on the floor who had just been tasered –  then they tasered him again.

We used to have an expression in the playground, “Saying it’s so doesn’t make it so”. It may have taken us awhile but I think you will find that we’re awake now.  You may have to try a different tack – before the new Commander in Chief finds a back door of the Pentagon to hustle you out of.

Steve MacGregor


  David Parker wrote @

The Americans invented “easy”. They invented the short cut and not long after, fast food. Being “above the law” is simply a shortcut around the judicial process – Taking the moral “high road” is arduous and time-consuming. The Americans have glamorized the idea of being above the law to the point where it’s portrayed, through pop culture, as being cool. None of the criminals Dirty Harry cornered ever had to wait for a trial date. And now, outside of movies and TV, with impunity CEO’s steal from their shareholders, CIA agents disregard court orders, the military detains and tortures without due process and even our taser-toting Canadian cops use lethal force on frustrated flyers rather than taking all that extra time that would be required if they employed their communication skills, negotiating skills and a little compassion.

  David Parker wrote @

I should qualify that I don’t mean to point fingers at “those Americans”. As Canadians we share, by close physical and cultural proximity, many of those ugly American traits. I suppose we choose to share them in order to enjoy the many positive characteristics of being an American (if only a “North American” as Canadians we undeniably are). And I should also qualify that the use of the term “criminals” in my Dirty Harry analogy was reckless and irresponsible. All suspects in Dirty Harry’s world should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law or at the discretion of Harry’s .45 magnum 🙂

  David Parker wrote @

Poor Steve, you should not have told me about your blog – now you won’t get me to shut up!

My latest rant… I can’t read the news without pulling my hair out (as if it needs any help).

Good money after bad?
Isn’t debt the reason the economy is in a tail spin? And aren’t these bail outs just more of that? GM lost 10 billion last quarter. How much is the government suppose to dole out to keep this company afloat? The fact that they’re even considering it, seems to indicate that this is a matter of national pride. There’s nothing more american than GM, except maybe apple pie. So there’s a lot of pride attached to keeping GM around. But doesn’t everyone know what pride goeth before? Sure, Americans have never let reality stand in the way but the reality here is, the company is in trouble and giving them hand outs doesn’t instill consumer confidence – who’s going to buy a GM when it doesn’t look like they’ll be around in 5 years to honor that drive train warranty? GM had a good run, let them go bankrupt and let a new, relevant american corporation hold court for while.

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