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First One Hundred Days…..


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Feb. 14/09

Hello and welcome to:’ Transplanted American!’

This brand new blog is dedicated to all those people who have a passion for American politics. (Or any politics for that matter.)

I welcome all comments, rants, discourse and political theory.

Ready to get your blood boiling? Let’s start with a letter…

Dear Mr. President,

The Elephant in the room…

The Republicans are not voting against the Stimulus Package. They knew you could peel off enough vulnerable Republican Senators from those States you won in the general election to get it passed. No, they have already begun to draw up battle plans around the Health Care fight.

So here’s how this goes;

  1. You keep the Housing bill separate from anything else – it passes just the same way, ( and with just the same kind of partisan wrangling), as the Stimulus bill.
  2. In 2010, with targeted and elegantly written prose, you counter every single campaign attack in those Senate races that you know you can win.
  3. You get the 60 seats required in the Senate.
  4. You pass the Health Care bill.

Things required;

1) Party Discipline. Tear a page out of the Republican handbook and vote lock step in the House. They developed this strategy from knowing what it takes for a Minority Party to get even a dogcatcher elected. So, no strange ‘Democrats for Reagan’ nonsense. Your coattails will still be long enough in 2010 to keep the Southern Congressmen in line.

2) Continue with your Web 2.0 presence. It is here to stay – this is how we communicate now. There are an awful lot of 17 yr. olds out there who can’t wait to vote thanks to your campaign.

3) Get yourself a Rush Limbaugh. The Democrats are sorely lacking in this department. We just don’t have the consistent hatred in our hearts that he naturally eschews. But a ‘daily morning drive’ radio message is necessary to impassion the base. All you have to do is pick someone who can counter every Republican talking point with an inspired speaking of the truth. ( This should be easy enough – but you need someone with personality and a sense of humor or it will fall flat.)

Yours Truly,

Steve MacGregor